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How to contact us:
1. Email - - Sales, Tracking, General Questions. - Ebay questions, Buylist questions.

2. Phone -

(360) 891-0866

Business Hours:
12:00pm – 8:00pm (PST) Monday – Saturday

12:00pm - 6:00pm (PST) Sunday


3. Our mailing address is:
3925 NE 72nd Ave STE #108
Vancouver, WA 98661
Shipping Options:

All Domestic shipping rates are calculated at checkout based on the weight and destination of your order. 


1) All International shipping rates are calculated at checkout based on the weight and destination of your order.

3) All international orders over $100 must be shipped with an upgraded shipping option. If you do not choose one of these options we will send you a bill for the additional amount to cover the shipping upgrade. Upgraded shipping options include USPS Priority Mail, USPS Registered Mail, USPS Express Mail, and any FedEx Shipping option.

4) In some cases we may require you to upgrade to a tracked shipping method if the post office in your country has been unreliable in the past. These countries include Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Malaysia, French Polynesia, Hungary, Indonesia, Slovakia, as well as others that may be named later. If you would like to ask before placing your order if your country falls in this category you can email us at


Local Pick Up:

1. FREE - You may come down to and pick up your order free! (Please call before coming in and we'll have your order ready)

If you would like to pay in the store with credit card or cash then you may choose the "check/money order" option, and then make your payment in the store.

Payment Options:

1. Paypal - We are Verified! & Paypal World Seller!

2. Credit Card - We accept Visa/Mastercard/American Express
(For high value orders, we may have to run a credit card verification for security purposes. We will email you if we do so.)

3. If you would like to pay with another form of payment please email us to make arrangements at


4. When paying in our retail store you can choose the Check/Money Order/Cash option. When you come in you will be able to pay with Credit Card or Cash. Whichever you prefer. We do not accept personal checks.

**All payments MUST be in US $ Currency.

Buying/Trading Cards
Click the following links to view our buylists:
Magic Buylist

If you have a large collection or you have something you do not see on the buylist you can email with a list (in an Excel file if possible) of what you have, and I will make you an offer. If you have any offers on what you want for a collection please include that in the email.

When sending us cards please do the following:

1. Make sure to include an invoice for everything you are selling us.

2. Make sure all cards are in the condition stated on the invoice.

Played cards will be discounted by 50% for all cards sent to us below the listed condition we are buying. (example: If we are buying a NM Lightning Bolt for $2.00, and you send us a played Lightning Bolt we would only pay you $1.00 for it.)

3. Make sure all cards are sorted the way the invoice lists them.

If large orders are not sorted, then we will have to charge a fee to sort it ourselves.
If the cards are to confusing to figure out, we will just send them all back.

4. Make sure you include the method of payment you prefer.

If you choose to be paid with PayPal, please include your PayPal email address. If you choose to be paid with business check, please include your mailing address.
We also will do trades for cards.

5. If we need to return any cards to you we will keep enough cards to cover shipping costs.
Our Grading Scale:


Our Grading Scale:

**NM:  Near Mint cards look pack fresh and nearly unplayed. Cards in this condition may have very minor to no wear on the corners or edges and may have a small nick or tiny scratch.


**LP: Lightly Played cards may show minor wear on the edges or corners of the card and can have very slight wear on the front/back of the card. Cards may have very slight fading from age or shelf wear.


**MP: Moderately Played cards show edge, corner, or surface wear or may show minor creases or whitening.


**HP:  A Heavily Played card has a readily noticable amount of play wear. It may exhibit severe amount of surface or edge wear, fading, or print errors. Heavily Played cards will be Tournament legal.


**Damaged: A card in Damaged condition can be in any condition. It can be creased, water damaged, inked, or ripped. Cards in this condition are generally not Tournament legal.


Other General Information:

1. We reserve the right to limit the quantity or remove an item completely from your order due to a obvious pricing errors (We are human and we do make mistakes), site errors, items overselling, or for any other reason that we see fit. If we need to change your order for this reason, then we will contact you via email, and we will send a refund right away. We will also include a note that will be shipped with your order to eliminate any confusion once you receive your order.
2. We reserve the right to cancel orders if we think that they might be fraudulent, or ordered from a country to that we do not ship to. We may also ask you for a different form of payment for security purposes. You might also be asked to provide additional information such as scans of your ID and credit cards to prove your identity.