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The Magic the Gathering Pocket Players Guide

The Magic the Gathering Pocket Player's Guide

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    Published: June 1996

    At last, the definitive reference for Magic: The Gathering players.  Whether you are a Magic novice seeking an easy introduction to the game or an experienced duelist out to build a killer deck, you'll find all the help you need in The Pocket Players' Guide. This essential volume contains the revised and expanded Magic: The Gathering rules, complete with extensive examples and conversion notes for players using original edition cards. Here you can explore Magic's origins with the game's creator, Richard Garfield, and share in deck-building strategies developed by the game's original playtesters. The book also includes the official Magic: The Gathering tournament rules, as well as guidelines for league organization, team games, and Magic variants. For collectors, there is a complete list of the original Magic: The Gathering cards including information on commonality and card revisions. The Pocket Players' Guide is a reference that all Magic players will use.