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From the Vault: Lore

From the Vault: Lore

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    Delve deeper into the events that shaped the Multiverse—and show your opponents that those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it! This limited-edition set includes cards from throughout Magic's history that are renowned for both their power and the stories behind them. Surprise your foes with blasts from the past they'll have to see to believe.


    Contents and Details:

    • Fifteen premium foil cards and one token, including three with new art.
    • An exclusive Spindown life counter.
    • A collector's guide.
    • Each card has been printed using a foil process unique to the From the Vault series.
    • From the Vault: Lore will be available worldwide in English only, and will have an extremely limited print run.
    • All cards are black-bordered and tournament-legal. This means that these cards are legal for use in any tournaments where the original printings are still legal.
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