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Archenemy Deck - Set of 4

Archenemy Deck - Set of 4

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Sealed, 5 In stock
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    Magic the Gathering Archenemy Game Pack Deck. Factory sealed mint condition. Each order received one of each type a set of 4. Each contains a 60-card Magic Archenemy deck featuring eight rares, and a 20 over-sized cards! You've played Magic one-on-one. You've played it in a free-for-all. But have you ever wanted to just throw down the gauntlet against all your friends at once? Have you ever wanted to take on the whole world and show them who's boss? Well, now you can! Archenemy is the first "One vs. Many" multiplayer product for Magic. With a deck of 20 oversized cards to beef up your favorite deck, you'll be ready to face off against as many of your friends as your tabletop can hold. Bring 'em on! Archenemy is introduced in four unique game packs, each with a 60-card Magic deck featuring eight rares, and a 20-card oversized deck.

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