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Archenemy Deck - Scorch the World with Dragonfire

Archenemy Deck - Scorch the World with Dragonfire

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  • Description

    Second only to the majesty of... well, you... is the majesty of dragons. As terrifying as they are timeless, deragons will be your brushes as you paint your masterpiece: a world aflame. Your deck's approach is fairly straightforward: keep the most serious threats in check and cast your large, powerful Dragon cards as quickly as possible. Accelerators like Seething Song, Thran Dynamo, and even Dragonspeaker Shaman give you the fuel to start your fiery assault on the fragile. You also get to toy with your opponents' minds thanks to the morph mechanic. Is your attacking face-down creature a lowly Skirk Marauder or a mighty Imperial Hellkite? If only panic were flammable. As the annihilation progresses, behold your enemies and their mightiest creations, futilely trying to stop you, and simply set them on fire. Cackle with glee as Fireball, Savage Twister, and the impressive Chandra's Outrage litter the battlefield with ashen remains of that which would overthrow you. In additiion to your inferno-inducing arsenal of spells, you have access to hellish schemes ready to obliterate your enemies at a moment's notice. Approach My Molten Realm doubles all damage dealt, shifting your opponents from crispy to extra crispy. Although you may be outnumbered, you can take control of the situation, and most everything else, with My Crushing Masterstroke. Burn them all, and show them the true power of the archenemy.

    Main Deck:
        * 1 Battering Craghorn
        * 1 Chameleon Colossus
        * 2 Dragon Whelp
        * 2 Dragonspeaker Shaman
        * 1 Fierce Empath
        * 1 Flameblast Dragon
        * 2 Furnace Whelp
        * 1 Gathan Raiders
        * 1 Hellkite Charger
        * 1 Imperial Hellkite
        * 1 Kilnmouth Dragon
        * 1 Ryusei, the Falling Star
        * 1 Skirk Commando
        * 1 Skirk Marauder
        * 1 Taurean Mauler
        * 1 Two-Headed Dragon
        * 2 Branching Bolt
        * 1 Breath of Darigaaz
        * 1 Chandra's Outrage
        * 1 Colossal Might
        * 1 Dragon Breath
        * 2 Dragon Fodder
        * 1 Fireball
        * 1 Fires of Yavimaya
        * 2 Gruul Signet
        * 1 Savage Twister
        * 2 Seething Song
        * 1 Thran Dynamo
        * 1 Volcanic Fallout
        * 5 Forest
        * 2 Kazandu Refuge
        * 17 Mountain
          Scheme Deck:
              o 2 All Shall Smolder in My Wake
              o 1 Approach My Molten Realm
              o 1 The Fate of the Flammable
              o 2 I Bask in Your Silent Awe
              o 1 I Delight in Your Convulsions
              o 1 Introductions Are in Order
              o 1 Know Naught but Fire
              o 2 Look Skyward and Despair
              o 1 My Crushing Masterstroke
              o 2 My Wish Is Your Command
              o 1 Realms Befitting My Majesty
              o 1 Tooth, Claw, and Tail
              o 2 Which of You Burns Brightest?
              o 1 Your Fate Is Thrice Sealed
              o 1 Your Puny Minds Cannot Fathom

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